THE DEAD BEAT – latest press round up


OK, so there’s been a heap of great coverage for The Dead Beat since it came out last week, and here it all is:

Here’s a total rave review by Nigel Bird over at Sea Minor: ‘This is intelligent, gripping, thoughtful fiction that demonstrates how a thriller can be so much more than a clinical dot-to-dot.’

Over at Eurocrime Amanda Gillies goes totally bananas about the book. Any review that begins ‘Just when you think an author can’t possibly get any better – he does. I love this book!’ and ends ‘Extremely Highly Recommended’ is fine by me, oh yes.

I wrote a piece over at Shots Mag about how the ghosts of slackerdom and grunge haunt the novel.

Five star review, you say? Thank you Lynsey Adams at There’s Been a Murder!

Another five star job over at Crime Squad courtesy of M.M., who ends by saying ‘this is quite possibly Johnstone’s best book yet’. Isn’t that something.

Here’s a feature I wrote for about the obsessions behind the book.

Over at Endless Falls Up, Ray Garraty gives the book a considered once over, claiming that I grow with each book as a writer. Very kind, sir!

Over at Crime Fiction Lover Andre prefers the characterisation to the plot – can’t win ’em all, eh?

And last but by no means least, Andy Watson posted a terrific write-up of the launch party event last week on his blog. Many thanks, Andy!


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