GONE AGAIN is out again!


When my most recent novel, GONE AGAIN, was published in March, I know what you were thinking: ‘That trade paperback format is too big to fit in my pocket, Doug. And it’s a little too pricey, times are hard. If only there was a smaller, cheaper version of this amazing novel.’

Well now there is! GONE AGAIN is published today in mass market paperback format! It’s now about two-thirds of the size it was, and almost half the price. Oof! It also has a slightly different cover. Honest. The typeface is subtly changed, and the title is a different colour and everything.

Remember, this is the book that The Times, The Guardian and others went literally (not literally) nuts over. Megan Abbott and Ian Rankin said very kind things about it. My mum told me it was her favourite book of mine!

Faber are celebrating this momentous day by having buskers play Metallica songs all over London! Oh no, wait, that’s for the Metallica biography, Birth School Metallica Death, that they’re also publishing today. Which is excellent, by the way! ‘Bang that head that doesn’t bang’, and all that.

Aaanyway, GONE AGAIN is about a missing wife, and the relationship between the father and son left behind. ‘For fans of No Time for Goodbye, The Vanishing, and Tell No One,’ Faber say. If that sounds like your kind of thing, do please buy a copy from yer awesome local bookshop. Or from Faber here. Or if you’re so inclined, from Amazon here. The perfect Christmas gift for someone who likes harrowing domestic thrillers!

End of sales message.

Love y’all! Dx

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  1. Congratulations. Anyone who can get Metallica to play for their book launch (or not…) gets my vote!

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