Me on the telly, kind of

a creepy Scottish doll

a creepy Scottish doll

Aye so, one of the events I did over at the Melbourne Writers Festival was recorded for posterity by ABC, and I think they’ve just broadcast it over there. It was a session entitled Tartan Noir, with me and Liam McIlvanney chatting to Andrew Nette about all flavours of pish. Trainspotting, politics, violence, crime, all that guff.

Anyway, you can watch it in its entirety, if you can stomach it, here.

Enjoy! Dx

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1 Response to Me on the telly, kind of

  1. Carlos Bain says:

    Nice bed time reading for the kids…

    News from here. I took voluntary redundancy in July. Been off since aug 1st. Best feeling ever. Love every day.

    Just chilling for 6 months..helping out boys fitba, spend time with folks and get fitter… Then well see.

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