Holy crap, I’m off to Melbourne


The Melbourne Writers Festival just announced their programme, and I’m only in it! Exciting stuff. In fact, I’m doing SIX events about all sorts of things, from tartan noir to The Doors. Really. All squeezed in between 23rd – 26th August. If you happen to be in the area, drop by and say hello. All my events are here, but you should of course check out the whole festival which looks amazing, despite right-wing buffoon Boris Johnson giving the opening keynote address.

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3 Responses to Holy crap, I’m off to Melbourne

  1. angelasavage says:

    Looking forward our seminar on The Art of Crime Writing, Doug.

  2. doug johnstone says:

    Indeed, Angela, me too. Have you had any info about the format for the event, out of interest?

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