Loads more reviews for GONE AGAIN

With one thing and another, I haven’t posted all these reviews of late. So here’s a very quick round-up. In summary, folk are still loving it!

Here’s John O’Connell in The Guardian declaring that the book has ‘elegant clarity’, of all things.

Here’s Rebecca Armstrong in the Independent on Sunday saying that I’m the anti-Lee Child – I hope she doesn’t just mean in terms of sales, eh?

Over at Loitering With Intent, Eva Dolan has a cheeky wee rave about the book, and comes to the conclusion that this book’s change of pace from previous outings is ‘hugely successful’. Thanks, missus!

At Manic Pop Thrills, I’m described as ‘the literary equivalent to Big Black’, which I fucking LOVE, by the way.

At Northwords, Paul Cockburn comes up with the lovely idea of a literary event horizon, inescapable for readers. I like that a lot, Paul.

Geekzine sees Roanna Branigan declaring the book an ‘out-of-control thriller’ – like a motherfucking runaway train, Roanna!

Over at Subtle Melodrama, Bethany decides that the book has ‘big themes, big heart’. Awww, I’m all about the heart, Bethany, cheers!

At Prosecco Bubble, Dawn Goodwin says Gone Again is just the kind of book she loves, and she highly recommends it – thanks Dawn, have a glass of bubbly on me!

And lastly, not a review as such, but the Independent included the book in its 50 Best Spring Reads. Good for them.

There were also, apparently, reviews in The Sunday Times and The Daily Mail, but I can’t find em online. Probably slagged it anyway, eh?

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