A round up of pish

Here is a random round up of some chat and stuff:

Here I am in The Herald talking about my favourite books of the year.

Here I am in The Scotsman, naming different books as my favourite of the year.

Here I am naming at least one more different book of the year on Faber’s blog.

Here is a very nice mention of my next novel, GONE AGAIN, by Declan Burke on his blog. He names it as one of his books of 2012, which is clever, cos it isn’t out till March 2013.

Here is another very nice mention of GONE AGAIN by Rhian Davies over on It’s A Crime. “Will be one of the big books of 2013,” she says. Oof.

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1 Response to A round up of pish

  1. declanburke says:

    Quote-unquote: “GONE AGAIN by Doug Johnstone. Not due until next March, I think, but one of the best paranoid thrillers I’ve read since the last time I closed an Alan Glynn book.”

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