And we’re off! Book six (or seven, depending) is go!

OK, so the Facebook and Twitter tabs are removed from the bookmark bar, the walls are covered in notes, characters, scenes and pep talks and the kettle is on. I started writing book six today. Or book seven, if you count that big unpublished one in the drawer that I wrote between books two and three.

I’m not gonna bang on about progress as I go along, I get a little annoyed when writers do that, but I’ll just tease you by saying the working title is Dead Beat (and yes, I know that’s a Val McDermid book, but so what) and about an obituary writer. Written the opening miserable/angry graveyard scene already! Boof!

Right, as you were. Nothing to see round here for a few months.


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1 Response to And we’re off! Book six (or seven, depending) is go!

  1. It’s not about an obituary writer who starts killing people in order to ensure he has something to write about every week, is it?

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