Eurocrime, Crimesquad, Sea Minor – they say yes!

Latest round up of reviews for Hit & Run – and it’s a collection of doozies:

I think Amanda C M Gillies wins the prize for the most enthusiastic review of any book EVER. Here she is over at Eurocrime raving about Hit & Run. The review begins: “Following on from last year’s truly awesome Smokeheads, Doug Johnstone has done it again.” Then ends with: “If you like your crime fiction black, then you are going to love this book. I have a feeling that I have just read my top book for 2012. Extremely highly recommended.” I love you Amanda C M Gillies, even though I’ve never met you!

Another cracking review over at Crimesquad by the mysterious M.M., who reckons it’s “an excellent, ‘read it all in one gulp’ kinda book.” Damn straight. M.M., whoever you are, I love you too!

Nigel Bird goes nuts for the book over at his Sea Minor blog. He says: “It’s a kind of Hard-Boiled ‘Crime And Punishment’ for the post-ecstasy generation, the love-child of a Dostoevsky/James M Cain/ Allan Guthrie triangle.” Boof! I have met Nigel before. I love him.

It’s all about the love, people.


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