Hit & Run press round-up

So there’s been a flurry of reviews and features on Hit & Run in the last week or so. Here we go:

Nerd of Noir gives the book a massive thumbs up in his inimitable style over at Spinetingler.

Here’s a feature by Nick Mitchell on the scotsman.com website about the whole Amazon #1 bestseller thing.

I get a quick fix of Tony Black’s questions over at Pulp Pusher.

A great review from Lisa Glass at the excellent Vulpes Libris blog, although Lisa didn’t like some of the dog violence. Ignoring the fact that, actually, dogs come out rather well in the book. But I won’t spoil that for you.

Theresa Munoz gives the book a lovely write up in The Herald.

All good! If you see any other mentions in the press, gimme a heads-up, eh?


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