Hit & Run reviews round up part two, plus…

OK, so two days till publication, and there have been a handful of reviews of Hit & Run popping up around the place. Sorry for not getting these up here sooner, but as you can imagine, things are a bit BUSY, all right?

First, there’s a very nice review from journalist Paul Cockburn on his site in which he claims I’m ‘an author approaching his prime’! My prime! Jean Brodie would be proud.

Interestingly, there’s a slightly edited version of this review on the Scottish Review of Books site in which that glorious moneyshot ending has been excised. Does that mean my prime is over? Does it, Paul? Shit, that wasn’t much of a prime.

Over on his Manic Pop Thrills blog, Mike Melville is keen to set up The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Fictional Characters. Don’t sign me up, Mike, I love throwing shit at those guys. Great review, though.

And Alistair Braidwood wins the prize for the best review headline over on Scots Whay Hae. ‘Pills, Thrills & Faulty Brakes’, indeed. Very smart. Although technically incorrect, the brakes weren’t faulty.

And not wanting to be left out again, here comes Smokeheads with a cheeky wee review over at The Book is on the Table, which ends with ‘Nice book, read it!’. Who am I to argue?

More soon, munchkins!

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1 Response to Hit & Run reviews round up part two, plus…

  1. Sally Welham says:

    I really enjoyed the book and hope I can get to hear you at Bloody Scotland.

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