The first reviews of Hit & Run

Aye so, official publication date of Hit & Run is the 15th March, but some tasty reviews have already appeared, so here’s a wee round up. Thanks to all reviewers for taking the time to engage with the text.

Firstly, Andrew McPake gives it the once over on his blog. And you know what? He likes it. ‘This is a straight-up page turner with a scintillating premise,’ he writes, and he’s not wrong. What an astute guy.

Second, here’s a glowing review by author and blogger Malcolm Holt over on his A Bit On The Side blog. Apparently, ‘this is Johnstone’s best yet’. That’s not me talking, that’s Malcolm – cheers, sir!

Next up is Kirstie Long getting behind the wheel over at Shotsmag. She likes it. According to her it’s ‘a rounded story of a man losing his sanity because of one decision’. Dead straight, Kirstie.

And over at The Skinny, Amy Balloch is a bit more meh about it, giving it three stars, despite the fact that I am, apparently, ‘an exemplary author who works the ‘less is more’ angle perfectly’. Less IS more, Amy, it really is.

With all this attention for Hit & Run, you’d think poor little Smokeheads was being forgotten, but not a bit of it. Here’s (Female) Opinionated Reader giving it the thumbs up over on her blog. Cheers, whoever you are, with your opinions and everything. Although I should point out that Smokeheads is published by Faber, not Cargo.

More to follow soon, no doubt. Stay tuned!

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