some thoughts on the year and stuff

So, that’s 2011 almost finished. It was a good laugh, eh? Been looking over this website and noted a few things:

Smokeheads got a whopping 25 reviews from bloggers, newspapers and magazines. Some folk didn’t like it, but them’s the breaks. If you want to take a look at some of ’em, they’re all collated here. Best quote I think has to be the reviewer who was ‘left with a similar feeling to watching a dog eat its own vomit’ after reading the book. Lovely. There were loads of great quotes but I can’t remember them, and I have a rule that I only read each review once, good or bad, then fling it up on the site. That way you don’t get bogged down in all that ‘he said, she said’ stuff.

– In a weirdly coincidental way, I was also interviewed 25 times by various publications and online folks. I was asked to interview myself, talk about cinema and hold deer antlers in the woods. All in a day’s work for yer slapdash novelist. If you wanna check out some of that shit, knock yerself out here.

– I performed at 27 events throughout the year. Wow. That’s quite a lot. They weren’t all together like in one massive busy month-long tour or anything. Some were more formal than others, some were more fun than others, most of them were a bit drunken. I played with Hugh Cornwell and got asked what the most illegal thing I’d ever done was. For a potted history of it all, check in here.

All of which was promoting my latest novel Smokeheads. As a cheeky wee pre-Christmas reminder, let me humbly point out that you can buy the book by clicking on the cover below.

And while I’m at it, I might as well mention that I was also promoting my most recent EP, ‘Keep It Afloat’. Got quite a few good reviews and some nice radio play. Can’t complain at all. You can listen to it, download it or buy a physical copy by clicking on the cover below.

Hell, it’s been a busy year. And 2012 will no doubt be another doozy. Got some exciting stuff in the pipeline, not least the publication of my next novel Hit and Run on 1st March. Click on the pic below for Amazon’s take on it. I won’t say anymore, as I’ll no doubt be boring you rigid with chat about the bloody thing for the forseeable.

Aye so, that’s that, really. Like I say, got some other exciting news in the offing, but I’ll keep my powder dry on that for now.

Have a great festivus one and all, and see you on the other side.

Doug x

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