‘horribly funny, stomach-churningly bloody and highly entertaining’

Lookit, the good reviews for Smokeheads are still coming in, nine months after that little daftie was unleashed on the world. This time round we have Mary Bor to thank over at Curious Book Fans for her lovely but balanced words, the best of which are in this post’s title. Although I’ll quibble with her calling it a novella, it’s 60,000 words, Mary! Geeze a break, lady.

By my reckoning this is the 25th review of the book, how about that, a quarter century. For anyone interested, the majority (14) have come from bloggers, with 11 appearing in the mainstream paper media. Pretty even. Whatever that means. Nothing, really.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for all the coverage, can’t believe it’s still getting flagged up after all this time – cool enough!

Doug x

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