smokeheads: cracking reviews and sweary interviews

Aye so, there’s been a wee flurry of Smokeheads-related shite appearing in papers and online over the last few days, what with the sexy, new paperback version coming out. Here’s a quick rundown:

Excellent review in The Independent on Sunday. Choice quote: ‘a ferocious thriller reminiscent of Straw Dogs.’

The prize for the most concise review goes to The Sunday Herald – a 50-word plot summary followed by ‘Nifty thriller.’

Rave review over at Bookgeeks. Choice quote: ‘The foul-mouthed put-downs flow as freely as the single malts.’

In depth interview with the inimitable Len Wanner over on the fantastic The Crime of it All, where you can find out who’s on my ideal dinner party list (including Yoda) and what my favourite word is (take a fucking guess).

Me interviewing myself on the wonderful Nigel Bird’s Sea Minor blog. Reading this back, I have quite a go at myself, suggesting I maybe need to go see a mental health professional or something.

Enjoy, fuckers!

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