half-elephant, half-woman in edinburgh tomorrow

Want to see a half-elephant, half-woman? Of course you do. Here is one:

Which, reading the poster, you will discover is an advert for tomorrow night’s Golden Hour at the Forest Cafe in Edinburgh. The man in charge is Ryan van Winkle, and here is his chat about it:

Ladies and gentlemen — join us for the first in the final trilogy of monthly Golden Hour Events. We promise the usual melange of zesty new words, honourable music and visual rubbish all in a beautiful space. Bring yourself. Bring friends. Bring booze. This is a night we can not prepare you for. Words from: Tracey Emerson (The Short-Story Doctor is In!), Richie McCaffrey (young poems with a familial lustre) & Gavin Bowd. With Music From: BenOfficial (electro art performance for which you are all woefully unprepared), Doug Johnstone (acoustic and solo and acoustic and alone), & Jade and the Jacks – Pure, relentless, funky fun. You will hot up.

Come along. I’m on about half eight, and only playing tunes, not reading, which will be a relief if you hate my books. But bad news if you hate my music. If you hate both, why the hell are you reading this?

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