dundee literary salon

Aye so, I’m appearing up in Dundee this week, Thursday 28th April, at one of the excellent Dundee Literary Salons. I’ll be reading from and discussing Smokeheads, amongst other things, and you can read about the event here. It’s at the DCA, free to get in, free wine, and runs from 5pm to 7pm.

I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to fill two hours, there better be lots of good questions. I will be playing a few tunes as well, from my FORTHCOMING EP (which I’m not blogging about just yet, all in good time) – and folks who come along will be able to buy the EP BEFORE IT’S EVEN RELEASED. How about them apples?

Anyway, if you find yourself in the vicinity of the DCA on Thursday, pop along, why dontcha?

If you’re so inclined, there’s a Facebook page for the event here.

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