the times v spinetingler

Two amazing reviews of Smokeheads were brought to my attention yesterday that highlight the variety of modern journalism. The first of ’em was in some newspaper called The Times, by Peter Millar. You have to pay to see online content at their website, so here it is in full. Choice quote:

This is a hugely atmospheric thriller soaked in the spirit of life on the outer fringes of the British Isles: Local Hero in reverse, a Scottish Straw Dogs laced with whisky and gore.

Next up is far and away the funniest, sweariest and most positive review of the book so far, courtesy of Nerd of Noir in Spinetingler Magazine. Choice quote:

Smokeheads is gonna be a major discovery this year for crime cultists, dear reader, I can feel that shit in my bones… This shit is too intense, too insightful, and too fucking fresh not to get some great notices.

With apologies to Mr Noir for omitting his boner gag.

I don’t know either Peter Millar or this Nerd of Noir legend, but I love them both like brothers, and if I ever meet ’em, they are getting a big dram bought.

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