smokeheads press round up

There’s been a smattering of press coverage appeared for Smokeheads over the last few days, all added to the Press page.

Firstly, there’s an interview with The Skinny, in which I blah blah about whisky as a metaphor for whatever.

Next, a nice mention in a Flavorwire feature on writers-turned-musicians, although technically, I did it the other way round.

There was a distinct review of two halves, as they say in football, in The Scotsman, where Tom Adair seems to have loved the first 100 pages, then hated the rest. Ho hum.

But then the book got a very positive write up in, thanks to them.

Also I just noticed there are already seven customer reviews on Amazon, all very positive, averaging at 4 stars, how lovely.

More shit as and when.

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2 Responses to smokeheads press round up

  1. carlos says:

    shamefully no mention of your nuclear physics past… or cheese grater

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