new novel needs title, please help

OK, so I’ve written and submitted the next novel after Smokeheads. I know, I know, I’m a fast worker. Anyway, it needs a title. Here’s the blurb for it, and then a list of options. Please let me know which title you think is best.

Novel Four Blurb:
You’re driving. You’re wasted. You hit someone. What do you do next?

Billy Blackmore just landed his first job as a trainee crime reporter for the local Edinburgh paper. Driving home from a party with his girlfriend and brother, all of them drunk and high on stolen pills, they hit someone. In a panic, they drive off.

But trouble hunts them down. Billy has to cover the incident for the paper. Turns out the dead man was Edinburgh’s biggest crime lord. As Billy struggles with what he’s done, he’s sucked into a nightmare of guilt, retribution and violence. He gets involved with the dead man’s widow and psychotic brother, and becomes embroiled in a feud with a rival crime gang, as the police investigation tightens a noose round his neck.

This novel is a pitch-black psychological thriller, a brutal descent into physical and emotional abuse, and a dizzying portrayal of a young man’s freefall towards psychosis.

Title Options:
a) The Radical Road
b) Hit and Run
c) Cover Story
d) None of the above

Feel free to suggest your own. I know that’s asking for trouble, but anyway.

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5 Responses to new novel needs title, please help

  1. Since I read your post I’ve been playing around with the idea of being over the limit in my head, as I guess your guy is over the limit in terms of drunk driving but also in terms of losing his mind. So ‘Over the Limit’, ‘Over the Legal Limit’ ‘Legal Limit’ ‘Twice the Legal Limit’ – that sort of thing?

    • doug johnstone says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. ‘Over the Limit’ is the best of those, but I’m still not sure. Just pretty indecisive about it all.

  2. chris brown says:

    I think that ‘Hit and Run’ has the best potential; it’s a good commercial thriller style title.

    Just a couple of suggestions: ‘The Darkest Road’, ‘Dead Man Driving’ or the ever newspaper friendly ‘Deadline’.

    Looking forward to it though – whatever it is called.

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