bjork and preston falls

So a while ago I performed at the fantastic Words Per Minute. Someone there had a video camera and recorded it. The two tunes I played have turned up on youtube, so here they are.

This is called ‘Bjork Calling Out From The Wreckage’. I haven’t recorded it yet. It’ll probably be an Argentina 78 song. I wrote it on the M6 on the way back from the Big Chill festival, driving past a lot of car crashes. I am obsessed with car crashes, but that’s another story. Anyway.

This is ‘Preston Falls’, which is an old Northern Alliance song. It appeared on our Disaster For Scotland album, which is now sold out. The song is based on my favourite ever novel, Preston Falls by David Gates.

Which is the funniest book about a breakdown ever written. Also, I tagged a little bit of a cover version of a very familiar movie theme at the end. Which seemed to make sense at the time.

That’s all, carry on.

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