the ossians launched, thanks

So, that’s two book launch shindigs out the way, had a great time both nights, thanks to everyone who came along and supported. It kinda goes without saying such support is MASSIVELY appreciated, but I’ll say it anyway. Such support is MASSIVELY appreciated.

Edinburgh was fun, the good people of Word Power were perfect hosts, a couple of dozen folks drank Danish lager and listened and clapped at the right bits, I guess. Then we went to the Pear Tree for a friendly argument about screenwriting.

London, took a while to get there, and stayed in my agent’s mum’s flat near Liverpool Street (thanks Lucy!), then treated Hackney’s finest to a long set of rambling drunken blether, a couple of readings, some inane chat and plenty of tunes, including a few new ones.  Thanks to Eleanor from Pages and Dom for sorting everything, and to Skippy for ordering pizzas in Biddles to soak up some of the booze. 

So, I could put up set lists here, but can’t really remember what I played. Amongst all the usual dross were a new Ossians song (I cannae help myself) called The Sleepwalker and a newish Northern Alliance (kind of) song, Bjork Is Calling Out From The Wreckage. I’m thinking once I record  that last one I’ll send a copy to Bjork, mibbes suggest a duet. That would be sweet. 

So, while we all wait for that Bjork duet, I’ll post up some more crap about screenwriting soon, and those other gigs that are coming up, and some other guff, no doubt. Cheers.

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