A Black Heart – Draft One

First very rough draft of the next Skelfs book is in the bag. Still needs a ton of work, but happy to reach this stage.

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The Great Silence Going Cheap

Hello friends! My most recent novel, THE GREAT SILENCE, is the crazy price of 99p/99c all over the world on ebook right now. I wrote this during lockdown while recovering from a stroke, and it’s got big cats, dismembered bodies, and possible messages from aliens. Treat yo self!

Amazon UK – https://amzn.to/3wsLNjd
Amazon ANZ – https://amzn.to/3gDtSQ1
Amazon CA – https://amzn.to/3vqdA2f
Amazon US – https://amzn.to/3cJhi0E
Kobo – https://bit.ly/3xrM85A
Google – https://bit.ly/3gH0rNg
Apple – https://apple.co/3gnY6HT

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Crazy Ebook Promo

I have busted a hump to write my books about The Skelfs, thrown a lot of myself into them, worked like a dog etc. Anyhoo, the first two, A DARK MATTER and THE BIG CHILL are cheap as hell for the whole of October on ebook. Click on the links to buy. And thanks!

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More Skelfs

Bit of news – just to say that I’ve signed a new contract to write another two books about the Skelfs. I started book four this week, and I’m 8,000 words in and loving it. Provisionally titled A BLACK HEART, but that might well change. Have a great weekend, all!

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Thanks, Porty Books!

Just want to say a HUGE thank you to the wonderful people at Porty Books for hosting last night’s event. Just the best bookshop with the loveliest staff. Please pop down to their shop! Apart from anything else, they have a ton of signed copies of The Great Silence to shift.

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Event at Porty Books Tonight

I am absolutely thrilled to be launching THE GREAT SILENCE tonight at my local Porty Books. I’ll be chatting to writer buddy Helen FitzGerald and playing a few tunes too. It’s in person AND online, all details here. See you there!

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The Great Silence Publication Day

THE GREAT SILENCE is out today! Pick it up at your local indie bookshop or get it here:

Orenda Books – https://bit.ly/2UaEZsg
Waterstones – https://bit.ly/3gsdx1H
Foyles – https://bit.ly/35kZZim
Hive – https://bit.ly/3gsdl2t
Bookshop.org – https://bit.ly/3xoiwGl

Body parts, big cats, messages from space, disinterment, indie rock, suicide, incest, kidnap, bad embalming, poisoning and fuck knows what else. I started writing this book four weeks after I had my stroke, and I threw myself into it as part of my recovery. So every time I would hesitate and ask myself ‘is this too much? Too weird? Too full-on?’ I would just answer ‘fuck it’ and put it in. So THE GREAT SILENCE is the Skelfs turned up to 11. Plus all the bittersweet melancholy and black humour you’re used to.

And to go with it, here’s a big Spotify playlist I made for the Skelfs. These are either artists who feature in the books, or songs about death and grief, or tunes that somehow reflect something about the women’s lives. It’s not as much of a downer as it sounds, honest.

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Hiya, Books

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The Great Silence Blog Tour Starts Today

Check out the reviews from this amazing list of bloggers as they come in. Thanks in advance, all!

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And Breakers Going Cheap

…over in the US and Canada.

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